Review: Dead Heads

08 Jan

The zombie comedy sub-genre really is getting fairly crowded nowadays and while there have been  some excellent films such as Return of the Living Dead many others are neither very funny or horrific. While this film doesn’t quite make it into the ranks of the best I think it is still a funny film and is definitely played more for laughs than for scares.

The film is about two guys who wake up dead in the middle of a zombie attack and discover that they are zombies too. Mike (Michael McKiddy) is a bit slow in coming to realise their situation but Brent (Ross Kidder) is enjoying it. The last thing Mike remembers is his girlfriend Ellie (Natalie Victoria) breaking up with him just he was about to propose to her. He wants to go and see her and Brent agrees to go with him and he also adopts a large mindless zombie that he names Cheese (Markus Taylor).

As the three dead men make their way across the country on a romantic mission they are pursued by a clean-up squad from the dodgy research company who deliberately caused the zombie outbreak as an experiment and they are very interested in the two fully sentient zombies. This company just happens to be run by Ellie’s father Charles (Leonard Kelly-Young). Charles sends out a pair of his men after Mike and Brent. McDinkle (Benjamin Webster) is a large loud posturing man who thinks he’s a hard-man and he has a magnificent horseshoe moustache, his partner is the quieter and more thoughtful Gillman (Greg Dow). Charles also insists they take along Thomas (Thomas Galasso) an escaped prisoner who survived the zombie attacks, mostly because Charles wants him to get “accidentally” killed.

The two leads are a good comedy duo and there’s a lot of very broad crude jokes as well plenty of physical jokes with Cheese taking an awful lot of physical abuse. I know it’s a zombie film but there is not as much gore as I had expected. When they do give us gore it looks pretty good and I remember mostly physical effects being used rather CGI. If had to find fault I’d say it plays it a bit too safe. I recommend this film for bit of light relief.

Rating 7/10


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