Review: Eldorado

07 Feb

I really don’t what got to into me when I bought this in HMV on Monday. The pickings were slim and didn’t even look at the director’s name which is foolish since its so easy to fall into the trap of buying something that sounds interesting and discovering it is directed by Ulli Lommel. Fortunately this is not one of his. It is directed by Richard Driscoll who also created The Legend of Harrow Woods. This film is like mash-up of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 2000 Maniacs, The Blues Brothers and a drunken Karaoke party

Peter O’Toole introduces himself as the Narrator and the film as a piece of crap Driscoll shat out to make a point, not in so many words but that is the basic gist of it.The Jews Brothers Stan (Darren Morgan) and Ollie Goldblum (Steven Craine otherwise known as Richard Driscoll) are a Jewish Blues Brothers tribute act who, thanks to a mix-up by their agent, find themselves performing for a group of Neo-Nazis led by General Zwick (Sylvester McCoy the seventh Doctor). They flee for their lives and their agent J.J. (Steve Guttenberg) gets them a gig well out of the way in a town called Eldorado.

Also on her way to Eldorado is Jessica Albino Jones (Rebecca Linley) who has left her husband Roy (Patrick Bergin) a strip club owner in Las Vegas.He’s not very happy when he discovers that she also has suitcase full of his money so he gets a friend Ted (Michael Madsen) to go after her with him.

In Eldorado the residents are getting ready for the town’s centenary celebrations. The town’s butcher Lemmas (Bill Moseley) prepares long pig for the town’s cannibal population helped by his deformed son Tommy (Mick Barber). With a large selction of meat on its way it is going to be a great party.

All through the action everything stops for a musical number, often mimed and sometimes sung, including most of the Blues Brothers songs. One totally unrelated song appears introduced by Peter O’Toole as a flashback with Brigette Nielsen performing R.E.S.P.E.C.T, Buster Bloodvessel singsTwist It during the celebrations and from the Jews Brothers we get On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine and Man of Constant Sorrow. We also get Rik Mayall as Chef Mario hamming it up nicely while miming to an opera song. One of the best scenes was Oliver Tobias miming Stuck in the Middle With You when’s he’s tied up in the butcher shop with Tommy dancing around him with a meat cleaver. Every now and then the film takes a break from the madness to go to Daryl Hannah in the desert in a white suit reading the Edgar Allen Poe poem Eldorado, sometimes with the late David Carradine.

This film is so stupid and everybody involved knows it. Everybody seems to be having a really good time doing dance routines and miming to along to classic songs. This film will probably not be popular but I think that it would be a great film for a drunken party since following the plot is less important than singing along to the music. I smiled through most of the film and laughed out a loud a couple times but it’s really stupid humour and that’s not to everyone’s taste. This film is over 150 minutes which pretty long.

Rating 6/10

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