Review: Mutants

10 Mar

Zombie films have appeared like a plague in recent years and in different locations. This time we’re in France so this film is in French with subtitles. There have also been different types of zombies and this film has are plague-type, called mutants as they are living people who have become infected and metamorphosed into flesh-eating bestial creatures, so they are fast and strong but they can be killed like the infected people in 28 Days Later.

Sonia (Hélène de Fougerolles) is a paramedic and her partner Marco (Francis Renaud) are in an ambulance with to soldiers after an attack by mutants. One of the soldiers has been bitten and when there is a sign that he is infected the other soldier order them stop and she shoots her colleague dead. Then she orders Marco to clean all the blood out to prevent them getting infected  then they have to drive to NOAH base, the government agency responsible for controlling the outbreak. They are getting low on fuel so they stop at a petrol station but its pumps are dry. Marco gets attacked by a mutant the soldier manages to shoot in the head but Marco end up covered in its blood. The soldier gets bitten too by another mutant and after she kills it she gets Sonia to kill her to avoid becoming a mutant I forget how but Marco gets injured.

Sonia drives the ambulance to a large empty building. Marco is not feeling very well and is worried about harming Sonia when if he turns but Sonia tries to contact NOAH on the radio to rescue them. Sonia has already been bitten and has not turned into meaning she is immune and her blood may have the cure to the disease. As time passes Marco starts showing symptoms and his behaviour gets more and more erratic.

When an armed group of survivors come into the building their leader tells her that they heard her call on he radio but the helicopter never stops They want her ambulance to get away from the area. They were in a nearby storage bunker which has a more powerful radio and fuel supplies. From there the story heads off down the road of mistrust and betrayal leaving them prey to mutants

This film was okay and it was a decent change of pace right up until the point that the other survivors arrived and then the film seems to switch to more normal survivor horror territory. The two leads Helen de Fougerolles and Francis Renaud were good but I wasn’t too convinced by the performances of the actors playing the survivors. I thought the make-up effects were nicely done especially Marco’s metamorphosis and there was a fair amount of nasty gore scenes. Recommended to anyone wanting something a bit different from a zombie film.

Rating 6.5/10

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