Review: Shadow

06 Mar

This was another bargain buy from the pile DVDs I’ve bought but not watched yet so other than what it said the cover I knew nothing  about it. The cover art was a little bit worrying but I need not have worried because it’s very misleading. I did notice that the picture of Hitler with the swastika are not on the IMDb picture and wonder why they’re on the UK DVD.

David (Jake Muxworthy) is an American ex-soldier who served in Iraq and is taking a mountain biking holiday in a remote forest in Europe before going home. He stops at a café for a beer but while he is sitting quietly writing a letter home two oafish hunters Fred (Ottaviano Blitch) and Buck (Chris Coppola) come in and really stink up the atmosphere, harassing Angeline (Karina Testa) a young woman sitting at the next table. David intervenes and the café owner orders the hunters to leave.

Later David is in the woods trying to set up his tent but it is very windy and the tent blows away. Fortunately Angeline finds him and lets him sleep in her tent for the night. The next day they cycle through the forest together stopping occasionally to admire the scenery. They see a group of deer and stop to watch them. Then Angeline sees Fred and Buck and Fred has the stag in his sights. Angeline calls out and alerts the deer who run off to safety.

David and Angeline make off on their bikes with Fred and Buck chasing after them in their car and shooting at them. Angeline comes off her bike and David stops to help her but he gets shot in the arm by Fred. He picks up a large rock and throws it into the windscreen of the hunters’ car causing Buck to drive off the road and the their car ends up turned over. David and Angeline ride off deeper into the forest and then stop so that Angeline can  clean and dress his bullet wound.

They don’t get to relax long before Fred and Buck catch up with them but they manages to escape them. Angeline disappears and something else is in the woods hunting the three men, a sadistic madman called Mortis (Nuot Arquint)

This film is well-shot and they did a quite good job with chase scenes through the forest.  I was not too sure about the scenes in Mortis’s lair which did seem a little derivative and reminded of the film Creep and, now I  think about it Mortis looked a lot like the creep. I thought at one it was going down the hostel route but after a couple nasty scenes the film swings back into action. There is a twist to ending which I didn’t see coming but it was set-up with clues earlier that I’ll look out for if I watch it again. Fred and Buck were not very well-played and there was a bit of a wandering accent from them that seemed to go from American to British and back again. This film was nothing special and certainly wasn’t too horrible

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