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What’s going this year

When you have  a blank sheet it is so hard to know how start filling it. I wanted to do something about libertarianism and other utopian fantasies and tat may well happen but for now I just wanted to post about upcoming events.

Spring 2011 is the Glasgow comedy festival which is packed with performers I really would like to see , including (in no particular order) Richard Herring, Simon Munnery, Jeremy Hardy, Mark Steel, Mark Thomas. Jerry Sadowitz,
Here’s a list of the shows that look interesting
Andrew Lawrence
Andy Parsons
Andy Zaltzman,HalftheTruthandEverythingbuttheTruth
Arthur Brown
Doug Stanhope
Dr Phil Hammond’sRudeHealthshow
Ed Byrne’sRudeHealthshow
Greg Davies
Idiots of Ants
Jeremy Hardy
Jerry Sadowitz
Kevin Eldon
Mark Steel’sInTown
Mark Thomas
Miles Jupp
Milton Jones
Norman Lovett
Rich Hall
Richard Herring
Robin Ince &  Michael Legge
Simon Munnery
Stephen K Amos
Uncaged Monkeys
Zombie Science

I’ll have to get my leave organised and see what show it will be practical to go to.


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