End of year Top 10 list and other stuff

31 Dec

My first annual round-up of a year of watching films and I think it has been a good year for good films and there are many that I haven’t managed to watch, some that may even have been candidates for the top ten. Black Swan would have made to top of the list if it hadn’t had a limited release in 2010 so not really qualifying as a 2011 film. I just regret that the horror genre does not seem to have had a strong showing in 2011 with more turning up in my Worst 10 than in my Top 10.

10. Captain America – The First Avenger
A weedy runt wants to fight Nazis in WWII so he agrees to undergo an experimental treatment to become a super-soldier then finds himself up against the maniacal Red Skull. This has been the best of the films laying  groundwork for The Avengers film due out spring. My Review

9. Paul
Affectionate buddy comedy with two sci-fi geeks playing two sci-fi geeks who find themselves with an alien travelling companion who is on the run from a shady government agency. The CGI Paul really works well and the film is filled with cultural references that geeks will love spotting. My Review

8. Source Code
An American pilot finds himself part of an experiment where his mind get put into the mind of a passenger on a train that is going get blown up by a bomb. He is tasked with finding out the identity of the bomber to prevent a second larger bombing and has to replay the scene until he gets the information and of course he falls in love with one the doomed passengers. My Review

7. Final Destination 5
A return to form for the series with death hunting down those who escaped death on a collapsing bridge. It doesn’t have lot of characterisation but does have some really nice death scenes with good effects using a mixture of physical effects and CGI. My Review

8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
The series ends with Harry Potter facing his ultimate battle with Voldemort. The film ties up the series nicely and there’s not much to be said that isn’t spoilery.

7. Hobo with a Shotgun
When the Hobo rolls up in a town run by a ruthless gangster called Drake the depravity he sees forces him to take action. Armed with a shotgun he starts cleaning up the town. My Review

4. X-Men First Class
Is it a reboot or is it a prequel? Who cares? This plays fast and loose with continuity to gives a great cold war thriller young Charles Xavier and young Eric Lehnsherr working together to create the a team of mutants to combat a global threat posed by another mutant Sebastian Shaw

3. Super 8
A group of children making a film at an old railway station witness a military train derailed by a truck and they see something escape. This really is a tribute to Spielberg’s big family friendly films such as the Goonies and ET and the young cast are excellent. My Review

2. Attack the Block
A group of tough-acting teenage boys in a council estate find themselves on the run from horny black hairy alien creatures with huge teeth. Nice action film with a good bit of dark humour. My Review

1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
This is my top pick of this year’s films. It is a great up-dating of the series that still respects the original series and knows what was great about them. The motion capture animation was fantastic and Andy Sirkis really did a great job of making Ceasar the heart at the centre this film. My Review

My worst films of 2011 will not get descriptions, I’ll just list them
10. Cross
9. Respire
8. Sucker Punch
7. Cowboys and Zombies
6. Howling Reborn
5. Fading of the Cries
4. Ferocious Planet
3. Hellraiser Revelations
2. Hidden 3D
1. The Legend of Harrow Woods
Now that’s 2011 over with now I can hardly wait to see what 2012 will bring.
Happy New Year to all my readers

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