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Review: Some Guy Who Kills People

DVD Review

Some Guy Who Kills People DVD 001I picked us this film based purely on the cover since I’d never heard of it and I happy to say that this turns out to be one of those quiet little gems with a great story and really great performances from the cast, especially Kevin Corrigan and Barry Bostwick. It is a difficult film to describe the plot because it is a crime mystery story and is best enjoyed as the story unfolds. I am also going to mention the soundtrack that hooked me in before the film started with the great song I’m Coming Home by Murder by Death over the menu

Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan) has just been released from a psychiatric hospital and his only close friend Irv (Leo Fitzpatrick) has gotten him a job working in an ice cream parlour. He’s still troubled by memories of his abuse by a team of bullies at high school that led him to attempt suicide and get admitted to the hospital. Now these asshole high school students are asshole adults and someone is killing them off brutally. The local Sheriff Walt Fuller (Barry Bostwick) is on the case but with only Deputy Ernie Dobkins (Eric Price) he has a hard time putting the case together.

Ken lives with his mother Ruth (Karen Black) who is angry that Ken refuses to open up to anyone and is still keeping his feelings locked up inside. He has a sketch book that he has filled with drawings full of violence and anger and won’t let his mother or anyone else look at it.

His boss Al Fooger (Lou Beatty Jr.) takes advantage of Ken’s poor job prospects to make him do all kinds of shitty jobs like wearing an ice cream costume to work at birthday parties or hand out fliers. At a birthday party for one of the bullies he meets Stephanie (Lucy Davis) an English woman working as a travel agent.

When he’s handing out fliers an idiot knocks them out of his hand but a friendly young girl helps him pick them up. This girl is Amy (Ariel Gade) who later that same day discovers that Ken is her father. After making her mother feel guilty about lying about her father all her life Amy turns up at the parlour and drops her bombshell on Ken. When Ken goes home he discovers Amy is there and Ruth is angry for never being told Amy exists and is very worried that Ken isn’t capable of being a father to Amy. Amy does drag Ken into wanting to be a father, especially when he sees that like him she is getting bulled by jocks at school and he starts giving her some coaching. Amy helps Ken out by pushing him into a relationship with Stephanie and coaching him on dating a woman.

The only problem for Ken is he goes on mysterious nocturnal trips that seem to coincide with the deaths of his high school bullies. Sheriff Walt is in a relationship with Ruth and spends most nights in their house so he feels close to Ken but as his investigation into the murders goes on the evidence starts pointing to Ken being the killer.

This is film really is a very pleasant surprise and though it does have a series of brutal murders at the centre of it the film really spends more time showing the growing relationships between the characters. There is humour in the film but it is from the characters’ dialogue and so feels natural. Barry Bostwick is really great as Sheriff Walt whose laid back manner hides a sharp mind. Ariel Grade is also fantastic as the intelligent strong-willed Amy. It isn’t the most original film but I really did enjoy it and recommend it to anyone who enjoys quirky crime mysteries.

Rating 7.5/10

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