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Review: The Undead

The alternative title is Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood and it gives a better sense of the tone of this low-budget film than the nondescript title of the UK release. I had bought this a while ago and it got lost and forgotten until today. It’s a fairly run-of-the-mill zombie film with the only difference being that the protagonists are LA gang members and their zombies are a bit different. It’s okay and has few good scenes but it doesn’t really stand out.

Two gangs meet in pharmaceutical warehouse to sort out a dispute involving kidnapping and drugs. One gang is led by G-Dog (Tyshawn Bryant) and his girlfriend Latiffa (Rachel Montez Collins) has been kidnapped by Dragon (Robert Wu) the leader of the other gang who wants drugs in exchange for Latiffa. This is being watched by two cops David (C. Thomas Howell) and Jack (Jeremiah Birkett) who are getting ready to bust them all. Two cops taking on two armed gangs is clearly reckless beyond belief and of course one get shot and both get captured when the two gangs start a shootout. Then a wave of radiation from the sun engulfs the earth and changes the sky. Everyone in the warehouse in knocked unconscious.

Next morning G-Dog and his gang get control of the situation and try to figure out what happened. G-Dog and his favourite idiot Larson (KB Holland) go out to look for Darnell another friend. They find Darnell dying with his throat ripped open begging to be killed. Then they see the attacker, a zombie and the pumps round after round in to it but it still keeps coming until someone else blasts it through the skull. This was from an old man Jorge Gonzales (Maxie J. Santillan Jr.) who tells them what’s going on. When the sky changed the radiation from the sun affected everyone but they were protected inside the warehouse and Jorge was in his basement. Everyone else has tuned turned into bloodthirsty zombies, most of them mindless but some still have their intelligence.

G-Dog, Larson and Jorge return to warehouse in time to shoot the zombies attacking the cops Jack and David but they aren’t in time to save Jack who gets his throat ripped open. They go watch a TV which has only one channel still working, a scientist Dr. Reginald Monte (Gregory Alan Williams) who tells them what has happened, which is how Jorge found out. Monte invites them to his house asking them to bring plenty of guns. They seemed unsure until Monte’s daughter Lisa (Johanna Watts) appears on camera and she’s slim and attractive so that settles it, they decide to walk across the city.

Most of the film is just like typical zombie film but they have an encounter with a group of intelligent zombies who want to rape and eat them all. Yeah rape. These zombies are not only hungry for blood they are also very horny.

This film is okay and I thought the solar flare angle was not bad. I wonder what the point of setting up the rival gangs was when they didn’t really use that to set up any tension between the characters after the initial scenes before the flare. Once they know what’s going on all differences are pretty much forgotten. I liked the idea of the intelligent zombies and the scene in their nightclub started out promising but apart from killing off one main character it didn’t really lead to anything and the potential threat posed by them was unrealised.

Rating 6/10

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