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FilmReview: Bloodyrayne 3 The Blood Reich

Uwe Boll

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 This is the third story about Uwe Boll‘s vampire hunting heroine and this time the Nazis have really pissed her off. When Rayne (Natassia Malthe) joins a resistance attack on a transport train she carelessly infects Nazi Commandant Brand (Michael Paré) with her special super daywalker blood.

Brand plans to create an immortal daywalker army with the help of mad Nazi scientist Dr Mangler (Clint Howard) He also want to share his immortal powers with Hitler and is going to Berlin to do that. Rayne and Nathaniel (Brendan Fletcher) the local resistance leader must team-up to stop Brand’s plans.

This film has all the hallmarks of a Uwe Boll film. The acting is terrible especially Clint Howard who speaks his lines (in English) with an incredibly stupid German accent. It is pity there wasn’t anyone on the set who might have been able to help the actors sound a bit more authentically German.  The resistance fighters are a spectacularly unimpressive bunch of terrible actors. I couldn’t belive it when one character was supposed to be a genius codebreaker just ‘cos Boll read a book about the Enigma machine and other cool war stuff and shoved it in the script for no reason at all. Boll also indulges himself in a lengthy soft core lesbian sex scene just because.

Like in all badly written films the Nazi troops can’t hit anything unless the script calls for a character to be injured. Even the vampire Nazis died very easily. For a vampire film there were not enough vampires and the vampires, Nazis and vampire Nazis never ever seemed a credible threat at all.

This is not the worst film I have ever seen but it is badly written, directed, edited and acted. Give it miss

RATING  4/10


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