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Review: The Dead

This zombie film is mainly shot in Burkina Faso and Ghana in Africa and uses the now commonplace slow  silent shambling reanimated corpse type zombies made famous by George A. Romero but I feel this film, directed by brothers Howard J. Ford and Jonathan Ford, owes just as much of a debt to Lucio Fulci’s Zombie Flesheaters (Zombi 2).

A group of westerners are on the last plane out of the country when an injured passenger turns zombie and the chaos that folows causes the plane to crash off the coast. There’s only one survivor, an army engineer called Lt. Brian Murphy (Rob Freeman) and when he manages to get to the beach he immediately face zombies attacking him. Fortunately the crate he floated to shore on is full of guns and ammo and he is able to shoot enough of them to get away. Everywhere is full of zombies creeping around slowly.

Murphy gets to a farmhouse where he finds a truck with no fuel and with one wheel off. He starts making sure the engine will work but misses a zombie getting very close. He is saved by a soldier Sgt. Daniel Dembele (Prince David Oseia) shooting the zombie before it gets to Murphy. Dembele had been back to his home village after going AWOL from manning roadblocks. He had found everyone dead, including his wife, except for an old woman who tells him that his son got away with the army. Dembele says he will take Murphy to an airfield and then he can take the truck north himself to the army base where his son was taken.

The film follows the men’s journey across the country with the constant threat of zombies everywhere and their fuel, ammunition and water gradually running out. The use of old-fashioned make-up and effects is pretty convincing and it effectively recreates the slow passionless ever-present threat from this type of zombie that I remember from Zombie Flesheaters and Romero’s original films. This is a solid decent zombie film. Rating 7/10 Related Articles


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