Supernatural Season One Episode 16 – 22

22 May

TV Binge

16. Shadow

jeffrey-dean-morgan-supernatural-shadow-3The brothers investigate a couple of brutal murders in Chicago and discover the people were killed by ancient Zoroastrian demons called Daevas. These are savage demons that are invisible apart from their shadows and they can only be summoned using ancient long forgotten black magic incantations

Sam is suspicious when he meets Meg again at the bar where one of victims worked and  he follows her home because he’s learned there is no such thing as coincidence. He follows her to a disused warehouse and sure enough he finds her performing a magic ritual at a black altar and talking to her bowl of blood again.

Sam goes back and tells Dean what he saw then they both return to Meg’s warehouse and right into Meg’s trap. Meg knew Sam was watching her all along and she captures them easily with help from the Daevas. Dean wants to know what she plans to do to them and Meg reveals she’s actually after John and she plans to use the Daevas to kill the three of them. She’s doing this for her master, the demon who killed Mary and Jessica. Dean laughs at her plan since he has no idea where John is but Meg knows John is in Chicago because Meg knows that John has one weakness, he needs to protect his sons and he will come to save them  Sam manages to break free and overturns the altar which frees the Daevas who turn on Meg and she goes through the window, apparently plunging to her death seven stories to the ground.

Sam and Dean return to their hotel and find John is there waiting for them. He was on his way and suspected the whole thing was a trap (but didn’t phone to warn them). Dean greets his father warmly but Sam is uncertain until John kind of apologises but not really and he hugs him too.  Suddenly the Daevas attack them. Meg was not killed because she’s not human and letting them think they got away was part of her plan. they only manage to escape when Sam ignites a magnesium  flare and the intense light drives off the shadows and the shadow demons with them.

Outside at the car they are recovering from the attack. Dean decides that John shouldn’t come with them. He agrees with Meg that they are a liability to John. John also agrees but Sam is frustrated that minutes after reuniting with John they are splitting up again and he feels he’s getting sidelined in the hunt for the demon but he’s outnumbered and they go off in different directions.

17. Hell House

Action figures in their original packaging

Action figures in their original packaging

Sam and Dean are investigating a haunted house that really looks fake with all sorts of occult symbols on the walls. They run into a pair of ridiculous ghost hunters Ed Zeddmore (A.J. Buckley) and Harry Spangler (Travis Wester) who have a website called with videos and pictures of supposed hauntings. They are inspired by those lame ghost hunting cable TV shows and they have the motto WWBD – or What Would Buffy Do. and they are obviously comedy geeks, over enthusiastic and completely without any genuine experience.

The Winchesters conclude that there’s nothing to investigate and leave Ed and Harry to their fun. Next night a college student is found hanged in the house and Dean thinks they must have missed something. They return to the house and the authorities have a couple cops guarding the place so Dean sets them on the hellhounds as a distraction to let them get inside. They are attacked by the large axe wielding spirit who tries to kill them and seems immune to salt rounds and they have just get out.

They manage to trace the source of the ghost stories to a dick in a record store after Dean finally remembers one of the symbols is the Blue Oyster Cult logo. He confesses that he made the story up with stupid symbols taken from theology textbooks but Sam realises one of the symbols is real and is used to conjure a spirit called a tulpa into existence from the beliefs of those looking at it. Its weaknesses or strengths are determined by what people believe to be true so whatever Harry and Ed have wrote on their stupid blog is true. Sam and Dean try to trick Ed and Harry into changing the story and making the tulpa vulnerable but that fails hard so Dean just burns the place down – no house, no haunted house, no dead teens. Sam raises the interesting that if tulpas exist what else they have hunted only exists because of people’s beliefs.

This definitely an episode that plays it for laughs. All through the episode the brothers are playing pranks on each other such itching powder in the boxer shorts or superglue on the beer bottle. I enjoyed this series when it’s being playful like this and it lightens the mood for the intense season climax. I’m glad that Harry and Ed don’t get over used because I think the joke could get old very quickly

18. Something Wicked

A text message from John sends the Winchester brothers to Fitchburg Wisconsin to track down a creature that Dean met back when he was ten. Dean is very emotionally driven to track down the Shtriga that is an east European witch that is stealing the life energy of children and leaving them in a coma.

Sam eventually gets the story of how Dean let the Shtriga escape when John was hunting it back when the boys were young and it attacked Sam when Dean was out playing a video game. He feels guilty about nearly getting Sam killed but also responsible for the children this thing has attacked since.Sam gives a hard time for always going along with what John says but this is why he does.

We see a lot of flashbacks to Young Dean (Ridge Canipe) looking after Sammy while John is out hunting inspired by Dean’s memories of hunting the Shrtiga and from seeing the two sons of the woman running the motel they are staying at. When the younger boy is stricken down with the illness Dean realises the only way to kill the Shtriga is use the other kid as bait.

19. Provenance

This episode seemed a bit ordinary. There’s a painting that is being haunted by the evil spirit of one of its subjects and brutally killing anyone who buys it. Sam and dean try stealing the painting and burning it nut that doesn’t work so next its a hunt for the remains of the subjects for the old salt and burn treatment

The subplot here is that Sam really likes Sarah Blake (Taylor Cole) the daughter of the antiques shop owner who learns about their hunting activities when the painting kills another one of her customers. Sam would like a relationship but while he’s mixed up with this hunting lifestyle those he loves are in danger. Sarah tells him he’s being a patronising ass and she can choose how much danger she wants be in.

20. Dead Man’s Blood

The Winchesters hear about the death of a man called Daniel Elkins (Terence Kelly) and Dean remembers the name. John Winchester’s journal mentions him as a hunter and there is a contact number in the journal. They go to check it out and find the place has been wrecked but there are signs the man was a hunter like John and he left message in a PO Box addressed to J W – John Winchester

John actually meets them outside in the car. He knows what is going on and has an important task for them. He expects them to just obey without question but Sam demands answers.

Daniel Elkins used to specialise in hunting one type of supernatural creature – vampires and he and fellow vampire hunters had been so successful that most hunters thought vampires were extinct.  The letter to John was to tell him that Elkins has a magic Colt revolver but Dean noticed that the gun case was empty so now the vampires have it.

This Colt was created by Samuel Colt himself for a hunter in the 19th century and the stories claim that it can kill anything even the demon.  Hunters usually exorcise a demon which just sends it back to hell and doesn’t kill it but if they shoot the demon with the Colt it is completely destroyed.  John wants the Colt to destroy the demon that killed Mary.  The only limitation this weapon seems to have is that it only works with original thirteen bullets created for it and there’s only five left.

John gives them a brief summary of vampires before they sneak into their nest for the Colt. They feed on human blood and are invulnerable to most weapons but crosses, garlic and sunlight have no effect. Decapitation is the way to kill them and dead man’s blood makes them sick. They create new vampires by feeding their blood to humans and instead of fangs they have a row of shark teeth that retract into the gums until they are attacking.

They sneak into the nest and all the vampires are sleeping. John is inches away from getting his hand on the Colt when Sam attempts to rescue a victim who has already been turned and she raises the alarm so they have to run.

John comes with another plan the capture Kate (Anne Openshaw) the girlfriend of Luther (Warren Christie), leader of the nest. John knows they mate for life and Luther cares more about her than the Colt. He sends Dean and Sam to clean out the nest while he meets Luther alone to trade the vampire for the Colt and orders them to get out of the area afterwards.

Naturally they disobey his orders and come to his rescue which is just as well since the vampires had no intention of letting John get away alive. John ends up using one bullet to kill Luther to save Sam and the surviving vamps flee into the night.

Afterwards John agrees that they are more effective as a team working together and they are going to take on the demon and finish this together

21. Salvation

spn121_demon_megJohn has developed a unique expertise on the signs and omens that precede the appearance of the demon they are looking for and he thinks he knows where it will be next, a small town called Salvation in Iowa. There are still a number of possible families with six month old children that may by the demon’s target.

Then Sam gets one of his visions of a woman being attacked and he sees this same woman in the street pushing a pram. He tells John who acts all surprised and angry at not being told about Sam’s psychic abilities but we know that he already knows. Dean angrily points out that they tried to get in touch and John stayed hidden and John doesn’t push it any more .

John gets a call from Meg who has been busying murdering Pastor Jim (Richard Sali), a close friend of the Winchesters and she is about to murder Caleb (Josh Blacker), another close friend. Meg knows John has the Colt and she will murder her way through all John’s friends and acquaintances until John gives it to her. She slices Caleb’s throat to make her point.

John agrees to meet Meg and hand over the Colt but he intends to take a fake colt while Sam and Dean wait to kill the demon in Salvation with the real one. It is a risky plan but John has a couple of tricks to buy some time. Dean is not happy with his strategy since it doesn’t really have an exit plan.

Sam and Dean manage to stop the demon from killing anyone in the house but they fail to kill the demon. Meanwhile John’s trick with the guns gets discovered and Meg is very unhappy about that.

22. Devil’s Trap

With John missing, probably captured, possibly dead Dean knows that the demons are after them and they need help. They go to an old family friend Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) a crotchety old drunk who owns a junkyard and is an expert on demon lore. He has books full of incantations and exorcisms as well as protective circles that can imprison a demon. Considering how important Bobby becomes in later seasons it’s surprising he only appears in this last episode of the first season.

Meg finds them pretty quickly at Bobby’s but that’s because they wanted her to and they fool her into walking into a demon trap, a magic circle from the Book of Solomon drawn eilin. Dean wants to know where John is and is about to beat out information out of Meg but Bobby pulls him aside and tells him that Meg is a human possessed by a demon. Dean gets Sam to start reading an exorcism which directly causes the demon pain. It takes time but eventually Meg tells them what she knows about where John is.

Instead of letting Meg go Dean orders Sam to finish the exorcism. Bobby tells Dean that with the injuries Meg’s body has suffered the demon is the only thing keeping her alive but Dean is very firm that Meg has the chance to live or die as a human. Sam finishes the exorcism and the demon is expelled. The human Meg is still just barely alive but she thanks Dean for freeing her at last.  before she dies she confirm s the demon was telling the truth and gives more information about where John is being held.

They go to rescue John but Sam wants them to leave the Colt behind in car guarded by symbols that keep out demons. Thanks to a fire alarm and couple of stolen fireman outfits they mange to get John out only to run into the demon that helped  Meg capture John. It starts kicking the shit out of Sam and Dean puts a bullet in its head from the Colt which he didn’t leave in the car after all.

Safely catching heir breath in a hotel room John is looking out for anyone following them, especially the yellow-eyed demon who I’m going to call by his name because it’s not really a spoiler that he’s called Azazel. Supernatural uses eyes a lot, with creatures like vampires and shape-shifters having a sort of strange reflection off their eyes that shows up best in video. Most demons have black eyes including Meg but Azazel has cloudy yellow eyes like rotten egg yolks.

John thinks the demon is coming and asks Dean for the Colt but Dean is now thinking that John isn’t really John because John is being too nice and understanding about the use of a bullet during John’s rescue. He is right, John has been possessed by Azazel but Dean can’t bring himself to shoot his own father. Azazel attacks Dean and Sam pinning them to the walls with his telekinetic power. He tells Sam that he killed Jessica and Mary because they got in they way of his plans for Sam and all the children like him.

He starts trying to play to Deans fears and insecurities about his need for his family being greater than their need for him but comes back with a comment about killing Azazel’s kids  Meg and the other demon that captured John. Azazel starts tearing Dean open and  Dean pleads with his father to stop the demon killing him. For a moment John takes a charge and that’s enough for Sam to get free and grab the Colt. He shoots John in the leg which injures the demon enough to let go of Dean and John is in charge but he can still feel the demon inside. John begs Sam to shoot him kill him, kill the demon and end this while Dean begs him not to. Sam doesn’t  kill his father and the demon escapes as black smoke from John’s eyes and mouth.

Sam is driving them to nearest hospital with the badly injured  Dean on the back seat and John in the passenger seat. Sam is talking about still having one bullet so they need to regroup and try again. Out of nowhere a huge truck with a demon possessed driver smashes into them and the season ends with the three Winchesters unconscious and bleeding

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