October Horror Day 13

13 Oct

Horror Journal

Day 13

Today it’s the day the aliens attack. These unconventional films all have a strong streak of dark humour


This is a really entertaining Irish film and is not the typical alien invasion film has a generous helping of the typical Irish sense of humour.

A small island off the coast of Ireland gets attacked by strange creatures that land in the sea next to the island. One of the creatures is caught by a drunken lobster fisherman Paddy (Lalor Roddy) The thing is all tentacles around a nasty big mouth and tongue that shoots out like a spear. The local police Garda Ciaran O’Shea (Richard Coyle) and Garda Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley) find a load of dead whales on a beach and next day several people have gone missing. After taking Paddy’s specimen to be examined by scientist Dr Adam Smith (Russell Tovey) they discover that the aliens are poisoned by alcohol. Lisa tries to get help from the mainland but there’s a storm on the way so they are cut off until morning.

With help from the local bar owner Brian (David Pearse) and the doctor (Pascal Scott) they come up with a plan to keep everyone drunk and in one place by having a lock-in. This plan goes great until they manage to drink the bar dry so Ciaran and Lisa have to take the creatures down

It’s a great fun film and it makes a big change that the only way that they can think of to beat the aliens creatures is to get everyone to come to a big drunken party. I know the some of the creatures are CGI but the effects looked pretty good especially when the big one was rolling over the countryside chasing them


This is the most conventional film out of these three and the Crites are aliens intelligent enough to steal a spaceship and fly it to Earth but they are savage and animalistic and they invade to reproduce and consume so it still kind of fits and the Crites are creepy evil little buggers.

A ship full of alien vermin called Crites steal a ship and escape from prison and land near the small Kansas town of Grover’s Bend. The alien authorities send two shape-changing bounty hunters to track down the Crites before they destroy the world.

The Crites land next to a farm where they first feed on the livestock. The farm is owned by Jay (Billy Green Bush) and Helen Brown (Dee Wallace) who have two teenage children April (Nadine Van der Velde) and Brad (Scott Grimes). The Crites are like extremely aggressive hedgehogs and they can shoot poisonous spines at their victims to slow them down.

The Crites kill April’s boyfriend and attack the family in their house trapping them inside, meanwhile the bounty hunters have wrecked the town in their search for the Crites. The bounty hunters finally get to the farm and a lot of property damage results but it’s Brad who has to eventually come to rescue and kill the Crites

This is a film that has the old traditional effect with puppets for the creature and they look pretty good though I can understand why they kept the larger Crites in shadow.

Attack the Block

I remember enjoyng this film when I first saw it but it got a lot of hate because the main protagonists mug a young woman at the start and it got released on DVD during a very troubled summer where people very like the characters in the film were rioting in in London

After mugging a young nurse called Sam (Jodie Whittaker) a group of young thugs led by Moses (John Boyega) kill an alien creature. When they take the creature’s body back to their friendly dope dealer (Nick Frost) to see if he can identify it they see many more alien creatures falling to Earth. They rush to get tooled up to take on the aliens but they discover this is very different kind. They are big hairy bear-like creatures with no eyes and mouths full of blue glowing teeth.

The boys realise they are in trouble are race back to the safety of the tower block where they live with the creatures on their tail. That’s when the police arrive to arrest them for the mugging Sam. Moses gets arrested and tries to warn the police about the creatures but they don’t listen and are ripped apart. The creatures attack the van but with the gang drive them off with fireworks and they drive away in the police van with Sam still inside.

As if having huge nasty alien after them wasn’t bad enough them Moses manages to smash the police van into the car of Hi-Hatz (Jumayn Hunter), the criminal boss of the tower block, and he is pissed. Hi-Hatz really has no time for their talk of aliens and when his lieutenant gets killed by one of the creatures he blames the boys.

The boys just manage get back into the block but Pest gets bitten. They carry him inside and Sam is just getting to her flat so they barge in before she manages to get the door shut. Sam is justifiably angry at them and is not too happy to help them but she does, dressing Pest’s leg. One of the creatures smashes in through the door and Moses kills it with a sword.

Moses wants to lead them somewhere secure while Sam just wants to get safety but she decides it might be safer to stick with the boys who are least armed and ready for action. As they make their way up the tower block they suffer casualties and Moses comes with a plan to take out all the aliens and start to make amends for his mistakes and bad choices.

I still enjoy this film as much as I did back at the cinema and I have no trouble accepting such difficult protagonists and I warmed to them through the course of the action. There’s an element of social commentary but I don’t think the film is ever saying the characters are “cool” for what they did. I think the creatures symbolise consequences of bad choices which will overwhelm and destroy you if not dealt with. It’s a great creature feature with monsters that manage to look different and scary. The creepiest scene is the one where they can see the black shapes and teeth out of a window just before the creatures attack.

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