Review: The Corridor

26 Mar

Bluray Review

The Corridor Bluray 001This was a cheap bluray I can’t remember buying but the outline on the back sounded intriguing. Unfortunately it turned out to be lot less interesting in execution and it was a bit of a chore getting through the film only to be rewarded with an ending that just sort of fizzled out. 

Five friends go to a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere to hold a wake for the mother of one of the men. It is some years since Pauline (Mary-Colin Chisholm) died but her son Tyler (Stephen Chambers) has been in a psychiatric hospital since he had a psychotic breakdown on the day he saw Pauline die and attacked his friends with a knife. The cabin was owned by Pauline and so now is owned by Tyler. The other men are Chris (David Patrick Flemming) who is a teacher and straight guy who is always listening to the other guys telling him their problems, Everett (James Gilbert) who is a struggling musician who has to have sex with his boss to get a spot at her club, Bobcat (Matthew Amyotte) is rough and loud and lastly is Jim (Glen Matthews) who doesn’t have much personality but is apparently smart.

Tyler is nervous around them and they are still a bit unsure that he’s ready to be out of the hospital. He wants to take care of scattering Pauline’s ashes by himself so he drives up to a lookout tower and scatters the ashes in the snow nearby. He has a moment of weepy memories of Pauline then suddenly something strange happens. It’s like he’s enclosed in a transparent box of energy that seems to have some sort of mental effects on him and also causes a nose bleed. When he steps out of the box it seems to disappear. Tyler is bit freaked out by this because he’s not sure that what happened was real.

Tyler heads back the cabin and everyone starts drinking except him because he’s on beta blockers which don’t work if consumed with alcohol (I think but I’m not a pharmacist so don’t rely on this for information, I’m just repeating what was said in the film). This doesn’t stop Everett being a prick and sneaking vodka into his drink. Behaving like a prick is not confined to Everett since Bobcat has brought a large box of VHS tapes of American Football games and insists on watching them all night. Everett plays his guitar but when Chris to join in on a second guitar the injury to his hand from Tyler stabbing him is causing too much pain. This film feels so slow.

After everyone has gone to sleep Tyler sneaks out and goes for a walk. He finds a spot where the strange box appears again. We don’t learn any more about the box and after a few minutes Tyler leaves the box.

Next morning Tyler tries to talk to Chris into coming out to see the box but without telling him about it since he’s still not sure the things is real and not a hallucination. But he can hardly get heard since everyone else is busy with subject of Everett’s left eyebrow which someone shaved off, probably Bobcat as payback for putting booze in Tyler’s drink. Everett is very pissed off at them and whines on about it

Eventually Chris and Tyler drive out on a snowmobile to the spot where the box appeared. He tries to find it but nothing happens. The other three guys arrive too since Chris was worried about being alone with Tyler and asked them to follow. After they start doubting Tyler’s sanity the box appears but this time it’s the size of a large room. We start to learn that it gives them a buzz of energy but when Garrett drives a snowmobile across the barrier it dies right away and their phones don’t work. Tyler’s four pals are very excited and Garrett in particular thinks there’s a chance to make money but Tyler is not sure since this seems to be what drove his mother crazy.

I wish I was excited about this film but it really has a slow pace. The four pals explore the energy thing which gets bigger the more they go into it until becomes a shimmering corridor and it has strange effects on their senses and sanity but Tyler stays sane because he’s taking his beta blockers. The ending has things turn violent before more special effects bring the whole thing to a disappointing conclusion.

I really didn’t enjoy watching this film. The characters were not very interesting and got even less interesting as the film went on. They try to recreate their youth and it ends in bitterness as they realise they have grown up and grown apart then the corridor turns them into dazed dopey violent arseholes and I just expected more than yet another film where something mysterious ends in senseless violence. The CGI corridor effects were bland but at least the make-up gore effects were okay.

Rating 4.0/10

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