Review: The Devil’s Business

25 Nov

Quick Review

This is one from the bargain shelves in the local supermarket which does turn up some strange films at times. This film is a mixture of crime drama with the occult. It has very small cast and a fairly small story that seems over-stretched to fit a film format.

Two hit men break into a house, a young guy in his 20s called Cully (Jack Gordon) and an older man called Pinner (Billy Clarke). They work for a gangster called Bruno (Harry Miller) who wants them to kill an old associate of his called Kist (Jonathan Hansler). Pinner is quiet and serious and just wants to get the job done but Cully is mouthy and talkative. Pinner has worked for Bruno for a long time but this is Cully’s first job and it is possible that his nerves are what accounts for his constant need to chat.

Pinner mentions that Kist is at the opera and they have to wait for him to come home. Since Kist is not married they don’t expect anyone else to be there to complicate things and Cully thinks he’s gay because he has books and no wife. They have some time to wait so Cully begs Pinner to tell him a story of the strangest thing he’s ever seen. Pinner reluctantly agrees and he tells Cully a ghost story of a dancer Valentina that he killed for Bruno and the way he tells it is very atmospheric. It really would make very good radio but this a film and all we get is two men sitting in the dark talking while waiting for Kist to come home.

Before we hear the end of Pinner’s story they hear a noise outside and go out to investigate. In the garage thy find lit candles, a magic circle drawn on the floor and what looks like a book of magic spells. Cully starts reading from the book but has trouble with the word homunculus and of course he makes another tiresome gay reference. Pinner finds a dead baby in a bag which disgusts both men enough to want to kill Kist without orders from Bruno. They realize that this is not just a normal job for Bruno.

Not a lot happens in this film and all of the action takes place in the one location. It is shot at night using natural light which makes it very dark. Billy Clarke and Jack Gordon are fine and Jonathan Hansler is okay as Kist but I was disappointed when I saw Bruno. He was a lot less intimidating when I saw him than the image of him I got from Cully and Pinner talking to each other. The film feels like an episode of TV show that has been padded out to film length. It might suit anyone who perfers drama to horror

Rating 5.0/10

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