Review: Tape 407

11 Jul

This film was a total blind buy since I hadn’t heard anything about it. It is another found footage film which I didn’t know when I bought it. This means there is no real story as such but this type of film works through the characters and their reaction to the situation. It is fairly watchable and it kept me interested until the end of the film when the film-makers pulled a twist and a big reveal that I didn’t like.

Two sisters are travelling by plane from New York to Los Angeles on New Years Eve. 13-year-old Trisha (Abigail Schrader) is annoying her older sister Jessie (Samantha Lester) by refusing to stop playing with Jessie’s video camera. It’s an easy way to introduce the film’s main characters. There’s the flight attendant Lois (Samantha Sloyan), Jimmy (James Lyons) a photojournalist, air marshal Laura (Melanie Lyons), Charlie (Brendan Patrick Connor) an obnoxious whiny overweight businessman and Tom (Ken Garcia) who is travelling with his wife.

After some turbulence the plane crashes in some remote area of desert scrub. The characters I named above are the survivors along with another man Marshall who doesn’t survive for long. They were all in the rear section of the plane and the front is somewhere else. Trisha has broken her arm and its bleeding. Everyone else has cuts especially to the head. Charlie whines and complains but people rapidly lose patience with him. Jessie is filming everything with her camera which is also the group’s main source of light. Laura uses a belt as a tourniquet to stop Trisha bleeding. Tom runs off to try to find his wife who was in the front section during the crash despite Lois saying they should stay together. Lois also says that rescue will be on its way to them soon. The other guy Marshall runs off to help Tom.

When rescue keeps failing to appear they get more concerned. They hear the sounds of something moving around in the dark. Then they hear humans screaming in the distance. A few minutes later Tom staggers back to them clearly shocked. He tells them that everyone from the front section is dead and so is the guy who followed him. Lois goes into the plane and fetches snack food for them though water would have probably better. Jimmy also goes to fetch his camera so they now have two cameras and lights. When Lois goes to get more food for Charlie she gets attacked and killed by some creature we don’t get to see yet. Everyone runs away and when they stop and agree to head for road Tom says he saw.

They come to an abandoned building while being chased by the unseen creatures which run around outside try to to get in. Laura and Tom got the best look at them and they agree that the creature has teeth and a tail!? Perhaps they mean big teeth and a big tail which is partly confirmed when we see a creature trying to get in the door. There are gunshots outside and car stops in the distance. The armed guys in the car are only interested in how many survivors there are, then they drive off without helping them. Suddenly they notice a large box in military green and inside they find torches.

For some reason they leave the building and are attacked so they all run again. They all get to a road which takes them to a ghost town where they take shelter in one of the buildings. The characters get picked off one at a time but these scene sorts of blend in together and I can’t even really most of the deaths.

This film had an interesting story but like most found footage films it gets bogged down by the technique and it rarely addresses the implausibility of keeping the camera rolling while running for your life. The actors are okay and the directing style seems to be to allow the actors to improvise most of their scenes without much scripted dialogue. This works sometimes but other times it got repetitive. The best scenes were when they were out in the open running from the creatures. The ending is where we get to see what has been hunting them and if you haven’t guessed what it is by this time you will be hit with very big WTF. This is a bit bland and not very interesting. It has its moments but the annoying bits and the boring bits are more common.

Rating 4.5/10


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2 responses to “Review: Tape 407

  1. Victor De Leon

    July 13, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    oh man. ugh. looks like I’ll skip this one. thanks, Peter! good job.


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