Review: Attack of the Herbals

01 Jul

I only heard about this micro-budget comedy film recently on Amazon. I realise that the acting is very amateurish and the story is a bit silly but despite that I had a fun time watching it. I realise many other people will not be able to tolerate such low-budget film but if you can this one is pretty amusing.

The film opens during the Second World War and some Nazis are conducting experiments on human subjects with some sort of experimental tea but they quickly abandon the experiment and destroy the substance they were working on, all except one crate which gets lost in the sea.

Cut to the present day and Jackson McGregor (Calum Booth) is getting lift back to his hometown of Lobster Bay by the local minister Adolf (Alan Fraser). Jackson has been left by his wife and lost his job and his home so he’s returned to his grandparent’s house in disgrace. His ex-girlfriend Jenny Robertson (Claire McCulloch) is now with the former town hero Steve ‘Roadrunner’ Robertson (Richard Currie) who used to be a champion runner until he was injured in a hit and run accident and is now a bitter drunk. Jackson can’t go back to his old job at the lobster factory because his boss Danny the Pincer (Lee Hutcheon) blames him for losing them lucrative business before he left.

Jackson agrees to work in his grandparents’ post office but the place is not doing very much business and a local greedy businessman Bennett Campbell (Liam Matheson) wants to buy the place as part of a large property development. If the post office doesn’t start making more money it will get closed and Bennett will be free buy it.

Jackson’s childhood friend Russell Wallace (Steve Worsley) still works For Danny the Pincer and he sees an old beachcomber finding a crate washed up on the shore. The man opens the crate and makes off with some of the contents and leaves the rest. Russell’s first thought is that it’s drugs but that turns not to be the case but whatever it is it seems to make some great tasting tea. He shows it to Jackson who has the idea to sell it from the post office to the locals.

Soon everyone is eagerly drinking the tea but it gives them a desperate craving for more and it doesn’t take long until Jackson and Russell have sold almost all of it. Soon those who have drunk large quantities of the tea turn into crazed psychopaths and Jackson and Russell and a handful of others fight off their friends and neighbours to get away.

This film is clearly made by people with a real enthusiasm for making a film and they were working with very little professional technical help. It’s all shot on location in Johnshaven in the North-east coast of Scotland and since none of them are professionals had to be done almost completely at weekends. I think they got a late injection of money that allowed them to use some pretty decent special effects. I did enjoy the film but I can’t guarantee that anyone else will

Rating 6/10


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3 responses to “Review: Attack of the Herbals

  1. superdefective

    July 2, 2012 at 3:36 am

    the move sounds very silly. thanks for the review

  2. theipc

    July 2, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    This sounds fantastic!


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