Notable Occurences

07 Apr

Brad Dourif has confirmed there will be two more Child’s Play films getting made, one is another sequel to the series called Revenge of Chucky and the other is a remake of Child’s Play and he may be voicing Chucky for both of them. I thought that original Child’s Play movies were fun horrors with some dark humour but I liked when Bride of Chucky went full blown comedy and then Seed of Chucky had Jennifer Tilly appear in the film playing herself. It looks like the intention is keep the tone more comedic for both films but then I don’t think this franchise is suitable for a dark, gritty reboot.

Anchor Bay have announced that they will be remaking Silent Night Deadly Night and have cast Malcolm McDowall as a local sheriff hunting down the Santa-suited killer. The film will be called Silent Night and I have no doubt that they’ll try and release this as close to Christmas as they can with a PG rating. The original was not something that got me too excited and a remake seems just as unexciting. When the original came out the evil Santa concept wasn’t very original and now many years later the concept has been done to death

The success of The Woman in Black has got Hammer preparing to shoot a follow up story Angels of Death which is set four decades after the first film. I was reasonably impressed with The Woman in Black and it is great to see British horror being made by Hammer again.

Marvel are planning to release the sequel to Captain America in 2014. It will have be set in modern times during the aftermath of the Avengers film but it will feature some of that retro 40s setting during flashback sequences that helped the first one to its success. I’d love to see how they are going to squeeze any event into that timeline that we haven’t already seen

More sequel + remake news is that Platinum Dunes (Michael Bay) have taken over the Halloween franchise and are looking to hire writers and directors for the project. I am underwhelmed by that news

The trailer for A Fantastic Fear of Everything has been released. Starring Simon Pegg as a children’s fiction writer who switches to writing about serial killers and starts to think a killer is after him. The trailer seems to hint at elements of fantasy mixed with psychological horror and comedy and Simon Pegg is wearing some very strange hair. I also caught a quick glimpse in the trailer of Claire Higgins as Simon’s agent. The film is out 8 June.

Coming out in UK cinemas on 22 June is Red Lights featuring Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy as sceptical scientists dedicated to debunking paranormal claim who come up against a psychic played by Robert de Niro who is determined to prove his power is real. This is being released the same week as Lovely Molly, yet another shaky cam film and Chernobyl Diaries, a ‘tourists in danger’ film.

I loves me some time travel fiction so I am very interested to hear about Looper featuring Joseph Gordon Levitt as hit man hired to kill people sent into his time from the future and he gets hired to kill his older self played by Bruce Willis. This one is due out 28 September


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2 responses to “Notable Occurences

  1. Emma

    April 10, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    Child’s Play scared the crap out of me when I was a kid!

    • Peter Anderson

      April 10, 2012 at 10:15 pm

      I was too old for it to scare me but I did enjoy it. It had a nice dark sense of humour that I always like


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