My Lost Weekend with Full Moon Horror

29 Nov

Charles Band While doing my research for writing my review of Demonic Toys 2 I visited the website of the Full Moon Productions the company that produced the film. This company is headed by Charles Band, a man who is truly passionate about making B-Movie horror films. The website is bursting at the seams with stuff about the films Charles Band and his company have been involved with.  Anyway one thing led to another and I found myself on Full Moon’s YouTube channel and going through the whole playlist of all the Puppet Master films.

Here’s a quick description of the films and my rating

  • Puppet Master
    André Toulon is a refugee from Nazi Germany and is hiding out in the Bodega Bay Inn in California with his magically animated puppets but when Nazi agents find him he hides the puppets and blows his brains out to stop his secret falling into the hands of the Nazis. Many years later a group of psychics are called to the Inn by their mental link to Neil Gallagher, husband of the hotel owner, to find that Neil is dead. The psychics find themselves being killed off by the puppets but with Toulon dead who is their master?
    Rating  8/10
  • Puppet Master II
    In a graveyard next to the Bodega Bay Inn the puppets dig up André Toulon’s body and revive it with formula that animates them. Later a small team of paranormal researchers are sent to the Inn to investigate the deaths that happened there. The puppets are killing again, this time to get brain tissue that Toulon needs to creates the serum that animates both the puppets and himself. Things get complicated when Toulon becomes obsessed by the idea that his dead wife Elsa has being re-incarnated as Carolyn the head of the research team.
    Rating 6/10
  • Puppet Master III – Toulon’s Revenge
    The previous two films had mentioned that Toulon and the puppets had a run-in with Nazis so this prequel covers that period. The Nazis get to know about Toulon’s secret and they want it for themselves. After they kill his wife Elsa, Toulon and his puppets take their vengeance out on them
    Rating 8/10
  • Puppet Master 4
    AI researchers are close to breakthrough but what they are researching is a secret the demon god Sutekh wants kept to himself so he sends totem figures to kill them. But one researcher Rick Meyers is protected by Toulon’s puppets and he discovers that they hold the answer to the secret he is searching for.
    Rating 6/10
  • Puppet Master 5 – The Final Chapter
    Directly follows from the events in 4 with the demon Sutekh still wanting to destroy Rick Meyers and the puppets. Ian Ogilvy plays a nosy scientist who want Toulon’s secret for himself but finds he’s in way over his head
    Rating 6/10
  • Retro Puppet Master
    This another prequel with Toulon making up a story of how he received the secret of animating his puppets and met his wife Elsa. This features an earlier group of puppets up against agents of Sutekh and is set in 19th century Paris.
    Rating 6/10
  • Curse of the Puppet Master
    A scientist Dr Mulgrew is trying to recreate Toulon’s process of animating his puppets. He hires a young man Robert Winsley to carve pieces for his new puppet who falls for the scientist’s daughter Jane
    Rating 5/10
  • Legacy of the Puppet Master
    This is a clips show. The film is made up of footage from the earlier films with about 20-30 minutes of new footage of two people talking about the puppets.
  • Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys
    Corey Feldman and his daughter are the last descendants of André Toulon and are working on the formula for bringing the puppets back to life. Meanwhile evil toy company boss has been promised that the toys she has sold by the millions in time for Christmas will be animated and evil just like her own demonic toys if she delivers the last of the Toulons to a demon with a grudge against the family.
    Rating 5/10

Something else I spotted at the Full Moon Website is that they have posted links to full-length films from their enormous catalogue. I’ve only had the chance to see two films and since I’d never seen them before they were a real treat for me.

  • Dark Angel – The Ascent
    A young demon who has spent all her life in hell has visions the world above and defying her father finds a way up. In the modern city she is shocked to see evil going unpunished and ignored and with her dog Hellraiser she goes about serving up some of her own brand of justice.
    Rating 7/10
  • Blood Dolls
    VIrgil Maturin is an insane deformed genius who is angry to have been cheated out of money in court by a conspiracy of three other businessmen. He takes his vengeance out on the judge, his lawyer and the public prosecutor by turning them into 12″ inch killer dolls and sending them out to kill his enemies. His main assistant is Mr Mascaro, a large killer in clown make-up. He is entertained by an all girl rock band kept in a cage who are forced to play music by a dwarf with a cattle prod and electric shocks delivered through the metal of the cage
    Rating 7/10

Full Moon are going to featuring a fair bit on the site since they make entertaining horror that really appeals to my twisted tastes

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