Review: Demonic Toys 2

28 Nov

I have the original Demonic Toys on DVD but it was nothing special, coming across as a more infantile version Puppet Master and made by the same company, Full Moon Entertainment owned by Charles Band. I have a lot of affection for Charles Band’s films since he really has that sense of creating films primarily to entertain those who love B-movie horror and stoners. This sequel was never going to be an intelligent horror but at least it was also certain to not be a boring torturous gore-fest either.

The film opens with some unseen person recovering two of the broken toys that were in the original film (and in two sequels that being ignored). He repairs the doll Baby Whoopsie and Jack Attack the jack-in-the-box. Then the toys get sold on to another unseen figure for a wad of money.

Cut to outside a large Italian castle near Rome. A young graduate student Caitlin (Alli Kinzel) is waiting with Mr Butterfield (Leslie Jordan) an antiquities expert, to meet someone who wants to buy something Caitlin discovered in the caverns under the castle. A car drives up and out get a very strange group led by Dr Lorca (Michael Citriniti) who is a collector of oddities. This is apparently a character from another Full Moon film called Hideous and during that film he acquired the burns that scar half his face. Next out is Lorca’s fiancé Lauraline (Elizabeth Bell) who reeks of gold-digger. Then there’s David (Lane Compton), Lauralein’s step-son  and I don’t know why he’s there but Caitlin likes him. They also brought a psychic dwarf called Lilith (Selene Luna) and a pretty man in cowboy hat called Eric (William Marquart)

Caitlin leads everyone except the cowboy through to a dining room where she has a box on the table. In the box  is old wooden doll carved in the shape of a devil called Divoletto. Butterfield confirms it’s age as looking like it is from the fourteenth century. Caitlin taps the side of the box with a special wand and the doll moves by itself. She claims it must be mechanism reacting to magnets because she is a history graduate, not science or engineering. Lilith tells Lorca that she suspects some thing more is happening.

Downstairs cowboy Eric is bring a wooden crate in from their car. He drops it and it breaks open revealing Baby Whoopsie and Jack Attack packed in straw. He turns the handle on the jack-in-the-box but nothing happens and he goes to join the others in the dining room. Eric tells them that their cars are gone and that eventually leads to them agreeing to stay in the castle for the night. This exactly what Eric and Lauraline planned since it was Eric who hid the cars down the road out of sight. They have made a copy of Divoletto and plan on stealing the real doll and running away together

They all leave the dining room and Divoletto gets up and makes his way down to the crate in the entrance hall. He animates the two toys with his demonic life essence and they are happy to have him join them in creating murderous mayhem.

Caitlin takes David and Mr Butterfield for a tour of the castle which eventually takes them to what is known as the physician’s room, but only if your idea of a physician is a mumbo-jumbo-spouting medieval torturer. Apparently Bulgarian Empress Fiora Borisoff,  the lady of the house had all the different demons possessing her exorcised into clay vessels. Caitlin leads them to steps going to cavern under the castle but Mr Butterfield decides to go up to his room so Caitlin and David go down.

Eric goes down with the fake doll to steal Divoletto but he’s not in box. The three toys kill Eric and drag his body away. Later Lilith come down to dining room to see if she can sense anything off Divoletto. She gets attacked by a glowing purple CGI effect from a painting of Fiora Borisoff.

In the cavern under the castle David and Caitlin freak out unconvincingly to CGI bats then they discover a chamber with a deep well that Caitlin identifies as a portal to hell. They find books of exorcism that really don’t matter.

The story descends into incoherence and all the greedy cheats and murderers end up dead. Full Moon films rarely bother too much with coherence but by Full Moon standards this film was a bit bland. It still has that camp, cheesy over the top sense of fun but this just seemed a little less amusing. The foul-mouthed Baby Whoopsie was a novelty that wore off very quickly in the original film.

Rating 6/10


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