Review: Legion

14 Aug

Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) disagrees with God’s plan to destroy the human race and goes to Earth to save an unborn child that will save humanity. He lands in Los Angeles and severs his wings then loads up with enough weapons and ammo stop a small army

We cut to the Paradise Falls diner in the Nevada Desert run by Bob Hanson (Dennis Quaid). His son Jeep (Lucas Black) works as a mechanic. The waitress is Charlie (Adrianne Palicki ) and she is pregnant with the child destined to save the human race. There is also Percy (Charles S. Dutton) the cook which means the that the staff out-number the three customers Howard and Sandra Anderson with their teenage daughter Audrey who have been forced to stop when their car broke down.

Another customer arrives Kyle Williams (Tyrese Gibson) which gives of a vibe of being a bit dodgy. He needs to use a phone to talk to his ex-wife. Meanwhile Bob finally succeeds in beating his TV into submission and gets clear signal, but it’s the Emergency Broadcast Signal. They get no luck from the radio either and Williams returns from the rear office to say the phone is dead too.

An old lady draws up in her beat-up pink car. She orders a rare steak and is very chatty and introduces herself as Gladys Foster. As she chats to Charlie about the baby she it going to die and that all going to die. Sandra objects to her language and Gladys tells her to shut up and attacks Howard with razor-sharp teeth, ripping out a chunk of his throat. Then she crawls up the wall and across the ceiling like a spider. She comes down and brushes aside their attacks heading straight for Jeep when Williams stops her with a bullet in the head.

The Andersons and Williams get into Williams’ car and drive towards the nearest hospital to get Howard treated. A dark cloud is right ahead of them and as they approach it they discover it is an impenetrable cloud of insects and they have to return to the diner.

Michael arrives soon afterwards in a stolen police car. After a pointless standoff he lets them all in on the plot. God wants to kill everyone and especially Charlie’s child. And there are thousand of razor-toothed angel possessed humans coming to the diner to do it.

At this point the film really changes into a sort of zombie siege story and apart from a showdown battle with fellow Archangel Gabriel (Kevin Durand) it really is pretty run-of-the-mill from this point on. It seems like they has great idea for a film but the ending felt like it was cobbled together.

I found the film to be okay if a bit short on imagination. The build-up to siege at the diner was much better than the actual siege itself which turned out to a bit of an anti-climax. I didn’t mind the use of Old Testament mythology though I’m sure the fast and loose approach to accuracy will upset many especially those who follow the powerful apostate Christian religions.

Rating 6/10


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