Review : The Rig

11 Aug

On an oil rig out at sea a young inexperienced roughneck Colin ( Dan Benson) is operating a remote camera while they place the drill on the sea floor and open a vent but something pushed at the drill and then the camera is attacked and goes dead. It cuts to Colin bitching to his brother Freddy (Stacey Hinnen) about getting sent off the rig as an approaching storm means non-essential crew are being evacuated. This dull scene of family BS and childish hissy fit is a bad sign for this film. Colin leaves for the mainland to go and sulk in his room or something.

So now we have the skeleton crew on the rig isolated from any hope rescue while the rig is hit by a storm. In the control room there is a Scottish guy with a red beard called Wallace and young smartass called Andrew. Jim (William Forsythe) the guy in charge of the rig is there making sure that they’re getting ready for the storm. His daughter Carey (Serah D’Laine) appears and doesn’t do much other than be there. I really couldn’t figure what her job was and why she was so important that she had to stay. Freddy is down under the rig with a Puerto Rican woman Rodriguez examining the wreckage of the remote vehicle and camera that was destroyed at the start and they find a long serrated claw.

There’s a small crisis with the drill’s compressor that has been left running by Earl after the drilling stopped. He’s there with Dobbs (Scott Martin) who heroically takes the blame when Jim calls wanting to know what’s going on. Earl goes into the compressor control room to switch it off when he hears a noise then suddenly he’s a smear of blood on the window.

Most of the rest crew gather in the galley including the creepy ex-special forces guy Faulkner and a cook who thinks he’s working in a restaurant. Turns out that Dobbs is shagging Carey (that’s why she’s still there) and everyone knows about it including her father. He comes down to the galley because the compressor is still on and Earl is missing so he sends the crew off to search for him but apart from the blood in the compressor room there‘s no sign of Earl.

Now we’ve been round the crew each of them starts getting picked by the strange creature which seems to be a small hunched humanoid creature with giant teeth and claws. Of course just because a crew-member has gone missing is probably dead that’s no reason not to have fun. Dobbs and Carey get smoochy in Carey’s quarters while Freddy and Rodriguez get at it in the shower in the gym.

I found this film to be about SyFy channel level. It really just boils to an unexplained creature running loose killing a bunch people trapped with it, this time on an oil rig. The dramatic padding it had with various relationships was not really convincing.

Rating 5/10

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