Review: The Landlord

06 Aug

Tyler (Derek Dziak) has a problem renting out the apartment in his house because two man-eating demons live in the house too. Green-skinned Rabisu and his master the dog-faced Lamashtu, eat all the tenants and they do it so quickly Tyler doesn’t get the time to collect rent from them. Two police detectives Lopez and Rosen are also on his case over the large number of his tenants who have gone missing. He complains about this to his sister Amy (Michelle Courvais) who owns the building and pays Tyler to take care of it for her. Amy is a cop who has done a deal with some local ghouls to take care of any criminal scum for her and bring her their money and drugs. She is also having an affair with her partner Warren. Amy is not interested in Tylers problems and just hands Tyler more money

A young woman called Donna (Erin Myers) comes to town desperate for place to stay.  She has left her husband wants two things, a divorce and an abortion. After trying to check in to a hotel she finds out about the apartment that’s available. She goes to see the apartment and liking it and the price she moves in right away, not noticing Lamashtu sniffing at her hungrily. Tyler likes Donna and really doesn’t want her to be eaten by the demons so tries to find a way to stop the demons.

Meanwhile Amy is having problem of her own with the ghouls becoming angry and rebellious after she kills one of them in anger when he brings her a bag of money and drugs covered in gore out in public in front of café full of people

This film has a tiny budget which means they don’t have any real actors in the cast. Donna, Tyler and Amy are okay but the rest of the are pretty bad and the demons are very hammy. The story is fairly interesting and the script has a few funny lines but the lines get very poor delivery so a lot fall flat. It just about works but to get through the film you’d have to be tolerant of the bad acting. The huge teeth the ghouls have to wear would put a lot of pressure on competent actors so they can be forgiven some the difficulties they have delivering their lines. The computer effects are what you’d expect from film with this low a budget.

Rating 5/10

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