Film review: Season of the Witch

01 Jul

Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman phone it in this medieval fantasy hokum.

Synopsis: Two crusader knights Behmen (Nicolas Cage) and Felson (Ron Perlman) get sick of the fighting in the Holy Land so they desert and return to Europe. They find everywhere stricken with a terrible plague. The church is certain the disease is a curse by the witch that they have caught (Claire Foy).  Cardinal D’Ambrosie (Christopher Lee) sets Behmen and Felson the task of transporting the witch to a remote monastery where she will face a trial and if she is found guilty her curse can be broken.

The film is okay, It delivers the required dose of plague pits and sword fighting. I found Cage hilarious doing a totally deadpan delivery of his incredibly overblown lines. One scene in particular that sticks in my mind is when they are approaching the monastery and Behmen and Felson are talking and their delivery is so plain and low-key that it’s like they had just been given the script for the scene right before filming. I sensed Cage and Perlman could not believe the lines they were reading and nor could I. It is not brilliant but it’s as watchable as a SyFy film

Rating 6/10

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