Film Review: Trollhunter

20 Jun

Synopsis: a trio of student documentary film-makers (Glenn Erlan Tosterund, Johanna Mørck and Tomas Alf Larsen) follow a troll-hunter Otto Jespersen around the Norwegian countryside as he goes his job of eliminating any trolls that wander out of their territory, endangering human lives.

Being a documentary there is not much in the way of a plot except that the hunter is a bit disgruntled and wants to help the documentary to get made to stick it to his bosses

The trolls are spectacular creatures it is a pity that their reaction to sunlight has prevented any filming of them in the daylight. The footage of the crew being chased through the forest by the three-headed troll was really tense.

It is a pity some reviewers are comparing this film to fiction like Blair Witch Project since the reality filmed here is much more disturbing than some snottery girl blubbing into a camera. I’ll certainly be very wary of going to Norway in the company of a Christian from now on.

Rating 7/10

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