Film Review: Respire

19 Jun

Synopsis: An antiques dealer, Susan Jordan (Tracy Teague), comes across an old locked box which holds the secrets of research into the collection of the souls of the dying. These secrets are being sought after by two men, the clean-cut, slimy Raif Collins (Matthew J. Wright) and long-haired creep Alex Poe (Vince Eustace) and there is a killer on the loose.

This really came across as a made for TV movie. The actors were just about okay but they are far from plausible. The story began with some potentially interesting ideas but in the third act it really starts going off the rails when it starts to resemble a zombie film.  The film also has a torture interrogation scene which just seemed so out-of-place as well as being badly written and performed.

Overall the film was not very good but the there was kernel of a good idea there. Watch at your own risk

Rating 5/10

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