Film Review: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

17 Jun

I’m going to start reviewing these films I watch since I watch so many. I’ll try and do a bit of research into the films too to try to put them in to a bit context

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

This is film made for the children’s cable TV channel Nickelodeon.

It is a family friendly affair with more than a few performances mugged-up for the sake of children’s comedy – just imagine the awkward uncle doing baby-talk for a toddler  and you have the level of the performances of the supporting cast.

Synopsis: A widowed father and his two children find out they have inherited a castle in Romania in a town full of terrible actors in a Disneyfied version Romania. The set-up let’s you know you can safely park your brain in idle for this ride as it hits cliché after cliché in an experience which comes as close to horror as a cheap ghost train ride.

While looking for castle’s modem the two children find a secret passage (groan) leading to a secret laboratory (groan). The dull bookish daughter gets infected after an accident in the lab with werewolf  blood and then the fun really starts as apparently she  becomes hotter and more confident (as seen in Teen Wolf and Cursed) at least that what the script says but I didn’t spot the difference.  Meanwhile bland Dad falls into the clutches of a perky real estate agent and of course there are evil vampires around too.

This may be fine for distracting very young children but it is very cheesy and everything is overdone. The humour is the breathless and unfunny kind. I really tried to give this film a chance but it is difficult when it comes to a film that plays it so safe and is so lazily written

Comedy 4/10
Horror 2/10

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